Silo busting with empathy: Using customer experience to lead change management

Journey mapping is not just a tool to transform programmes of fundraising; it can also drive organisational change. Getting diverse teams to ‘walk in the shoes’ of supporters can have a truly transformative impact, bringing together fundraisers to work more closely with campaigners, activists, and programme teams in ‘silo busting’ ways.

It starts with defining common objectives and understanding present journeys, and then moving on to the vision of future opportunities and the ‘ideal’ supporter. This interactive workshop will explore change management theory and use various case studies to show how a focus on empathising with supporters can create positive cross-organisational engagement with fundraising as an objective, rather than just by accident. 


Aimed at: 

All fundraising practitioners  especially senior team leaders who want to collaborate with other parts of their organisation. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • The elements that turn simple journey mapping into an empathy-driven customer experience 
  • Defining common objectives and your ‘True North’ as a starting point 
  • Using donor insights to create strong personas which bring supporters to life 
  • Change management principles and how to stay the course to ensure change sticks
  • How to engage your broader organisation to create integrated fundraising objectives as a result


Gavin Coopey
Insight Director, More Strategic
Kaz McGrath
Founder & CEO, PLAI