Social Financing

We all agree that Finance is needed to fuel social change. For social impact organisations working with increasingly shrinking resources, innovative financing products offer a way forward. As social enterprises and business models capture our imagination, and financial instruments – venture capital, equity, debt financing, make their presence felt in development lexicon, is the time now for NGOs to embrace a ‘business model’?
In this Big Room session, our panel analyses the key ingredients for creating successful and sustainable revenue streams; the options available – fee based, product creation and distribution, leveraging existing services, creating new markets or straddling the two universes to set up a hybrid. They will also caution us to watch out for pitfalls.
Further our panel explores how by investing capital smartly, one can ensure equitable distribution of benefits to populations that need them most.


Payal Randhawa
Executive Director, Resource Alliance India
Safeena Husain (India)
Founder and Executive Director, Educate Girls
Kate Sturla (India)
Associate Director, IDinsight