A bridge to success: The power of inter-team collaboration

A bridge to success: The power of inter-team collaboration

About this session

When it comes to how your organisation functions, there is real power in the collaboration between marketing and comms people and your fundraising team.

Working collectively allows for resources to be shared and for there to be increased clarity and success in a crowded market, which delivers on objectives for both marketing and fundraising. But what if your teams aren’t (yet!) speaking the same language? How can you bridge the differences and create success? Through a panel of expert marketers, brand people, and fundraisers, this session will explore how bridging these two vital areas drives success, what it takes to make that happen, and how your internal stakeholders can be engaged in the process.

You will discover real ways to think differently about branding and fundraising that will drive greater awareness and more funding for the organisation as well as better supporting both areas. The global pandemic has changed many things and increased our dependency on digital marketing across our organisations; this session will help maximise engagement across audiences which will allow you to do more than ever before by harnessing the power of collaboration in this mission-critical area for us all.







Kimberley Blease (Canada)
EVP, Client Relationships, Blakely
Laurie Buske (Canada)
Director of Resource Development, Cuso International
Eileen Melnick-McCarthy (Canada)
Director of Communications and Marketing, Cuso International
Rachel Hunnybun (Canada)
Fundraising Consultant, Blakely Inc