Social media mobilising in wartime

Social media mobilising in wartime

International Justice Mission, TikTok, and helping Ukrainians in need

When the war broke out in Ukraine, the International Justice Mission (IJM) had a two-fold challenge: how could they reach, support, and engage the millions of vulnerable people fleeing Ukraine while also fundraising on the largest scale possible across European markets? The answer that presented itself was TikTok.

Together with SOCIAL SOCIAL, IJM mobilised to create a suite of video-first, sound-on creative to use across Europe on the world’s fastest-growing social media platform. With support from TikTok, a €20,000 campaign targeted Ukrainian refugees with the information they needed to stay safe from exploitation and human trafficking, giving IJM a channel to deliver their programmes at a scale like never before.

As an early adopter of TikTok ads for NGOs, speakers representing IJM and SOCIAL SOCIAL will share the tips, tricks, tactics, creative, and more, and showcase how they used this powerful content platform for more than just fundraising, but for delivering on their mission to protect millions of people from the risk of exploitation and modern-day slavery.






Joshua Leigh
Director and Digital Marketing Consultant, Hynt
Bethany Williams (USA)
Global Senior Lead - Africa and Europe Communications, International Justice Mission