How to stand out in uncertain times

The public in different countries has varying degrees of trust and confidence in charities. And the present instability in many areas means that it is a volatile world when it comes to how, and in what ways, people trust generally. Globally, huge shifts in climate, politics and the economy have left many people cynical and untrusting, even in the positive work charities do. How does this context influence your ability to create a more positive relationship with your public for your charity, and what can you do to stand out better?

We have been employing consistent tracking research of trust, confidence and donor sentiment in a number of key markets. These will include a range of European markets, Australasia and North America/Asia. We can compare similarities, differences and trends that we need to understand and can therefore provide a clearer picture of how donors’ attitudes have changed; what drives belief in charities generally, and how certain charities overcome the challenges of the “post truth” world to be seen differently.

Learning outcomes

  • What factors create general belief in the charity sector across a range of markets
  • Impact of trust, confidence and sentiment on attitudes of donors
  • What donors want to see the charities they support doing differently and how that builds positive relationships
  • The tactics individual charities are using to “stand out from the pack”
  • The tactics they can use themselves

Who should attend: Fundraising and communications specialists of all persuasions, consultants and agencies. Suitable for all levels in NGOs, charities and CSR Рboard members, senior executives, managers and practitioners

Session style: We will use an engaging workshop format. We will provide market data and insights from various markets as stimulus for the participants to share their own experience with others and build a joint understanding of how they can apply the lessons themselves.


Gavin Coopey
Insight Director, More Strategic
Cian Murphy (UK)
Head of Data Science, nfpSynergy