Sticky teams: How to recruit and retain talent that sticks

Have you been looking for a unicorn? Do you think it’s too hard to find diverse candidates to join your fundraising team, so you’ve just stopped looking? How do you find amazing talent and create the conditions for them to stick? In a recruiting environment where there is high demand for diverse talent but (what seems like) little supply and where everyone is worn out – it’s time to stop singing that old song and learn a new one. 

If you’ve ever had a hard time hanging on to fundraising staff, you’re looking for new strategies to help your team grow, or you’re ready to level up as a manager and leader, then this session is for you. Learn how to do talent management right so that you can recruit, retain, and develop great employees, keeping them engaged and making sure all of this aligns with the strategy and goals of your organisation. 


Aimed at: 

Managers of development teams and/or mid-senior to senior level professionals responsible for hiring fundraising talent. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Strategies to help you create job descriptions that tell the real story of the work and attract the right professionals for your organisation 
  • Recruiting techniques that work no matter what your budget size 
  • Critical steps you need to take once the candidate says “Yes!” 
  • On-boarding tools and tricks so your rock stars sticks with you


Kishshana Palmer (USA)
Founder + CEO, The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana & Co.