Storytelling for rebel world-changers

By their nature, stories are a collaboration – an intimate relationship between the subject, the teller and the audience. As fundraisers, the better we get at the craft of storytelling, the more likely it is we’ll all be able to mobilize, engage, excite, acquire, activate, ignite, inspire, retain and motivate our fellow change-makers around the world. Join us for an exploration of how we can transform the world and our fundraising through better stories in a fun, interactive and hands-on way.

Learning outcomes

  • Feel nothing, do nothing – how we can harness the power of emotion to tell stories
  • Basic storytelling structures that will (almost) never fail you
  • Outstanding in the field – whether your organisation works in Bangkok or Burundi, you’ll get some tips and a handy cheat sheet to help you plan, approach and gather stories from the source
  • Telling tiny stories – using story telling principles to make the most of social media platforms
  • 15 hacks to make you a better storyteller
  • Integrated storytelling – how to approach it, do it, do it well and stay friends with the comms director


Mary Lynn (ML) Lalonde (Switzerland)
Global Fundraising Engagement Manager, UNICEF
Hema Balasundaram (Malaysia)