How charities uniting gave me a new life

One person’s story of facing adversity and the charities that came together to support him along the way.

Dale Muffett, a Data and Integrations Manager with Spinal Research, suffered a severe spinal cord injury at the height of the pandemic in 2021. His story is inspiring and full of hope, and chronicles his recovery journey via the many charities who supported him along the way.

Dale’s intention in sharing his story is to highlight the incredible difference the work we do in the charity sector makes to individual people’s lives. At a time when funding is harder and harder to come by and the problems facing us seem ever more insurmountable, this is a timely reminder that each of the numbers we spend so much time thinking about represents a human being whose life has been made better through our work.


Dale Muffett
Data and Integrations Manager, Spinal Research