Success factors in crowdfunding & peer-to-peer giving in Africa: What we've seen work and what to do differently in a local context

Wednesday 12 June
11:30-12:00 (UK BST)
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Crowdfunding is a powerful channel through which people and causes can build local and global communities of committed supporters who share a common purpose. For crowdfunding in Africa – It’s the same, but different. In our session we’ll be exploring localisation strategies that have worked in building networks of funding supporters in Africa through crowdfunding. Using examples of Africa-based causes, we’ll be talking through what was behind their fundraising successes and discussing some of the challenges particular to their local context.  


Aimed at: 

  • Organisations and individuals who require funding to achieve their impact goals 
  • Specifically, those who’s causes are likely to be supported by a network of people rather than single large donors 
  • Those who are wanting to develop a community of long-term supporters of the work they do 
  • Individuals who would like to support causes they believe in through activating their own individual communities. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • Case studies of people & organisations that got it right 
  • What to do to maximise potential success in a crowdfunding campaign 
  • What not to do. 


Patrick Schofield (South Africa)
CEO, BackaBuddy