Supercharge your strategies: Using insights and experience management to shower your fundraising in brilliance

Success doesn’t happen by accident. Brilliance doesn’t just fall into your lap. Not in life… not in fundraising. You knew that! This masterclass will help you know more than just that… it’ll help you build an actual, clear-cut strategy for success by showing you how to:

  • Create an organisational culture that is proud to fundraise
  • Use powerful insights about why your donors do what they do
  • Deliver extraordinary experiences that inspire donors to do more
  • Harness the power of behavioural science to nudge behaviour
  • Manage a portfolio of fundraising programs for the best return

Added bonus! Participants will be invited to complete a self-assessment survey prior to the masterclass and compare their results to other organisations during the class to gain perspective on their programs and outline the most relevant and useful steps to success.

Learning outcomes

  • Clear structure for building a strategy
  • Tips on how to engage leaders in fundraising
  • Understanding of donor behaviour, psychology and emotions
  • Practical ideas for how to use nudges
  • A set of strategic priorities for the organisation

Who should attend: Those responsible for leading organisations and developing fundraising strategies



Martin Paul
Director, More Strategic