Level up your legacy: Using digital tools to foresee future legacy supporters

How to use the latest digital tools to foresee future legacy supporters, now.



About this session

Legacy fundraisers have a problem. The work they do now to promote charitable giving in wills only pays off in the future. The average legacy pipeline is between six and 20 years. By the time the gift is given, the fundraiser may no longer be in their role. This makes evaluating impact difficult. Over half of the legacy gifts received by nonprofits come from supporters who are unknown to the organisation, and significant gifts arrive without the opportunity for the charity to thank the donor. There is a belief that the legacy giving demographic is not digitally savvy. How can we demonstrate that it can be?

Aimed at

  • Any not-for-profit looking to increase intelligence around legacy fundraising
  • Those interested in using digital innovation to promote traditional income pipelines
  • Those wishing to create communities of pledgers to engage with

Learning outcomes

  • Your over-70s supporters are actively online
  • You can steward legacy supporters online
  • Making the link between in-memory giving behaviour and charitable lottery membership



Clare Sweeney (UK)
Founding Fundraising Consultant, Keepace Consultancy