The Big Debate

The world around us is changing. The nature of change itself is changing. But is the social impact sector changing quickly enough to remain relevant and create the impact it needs to?

If we think about the biggest social change movements globally in the last ten or fifteen years, they haven’t been created or delivered by structured organisations; they have been driven by people. Individual people whose passion to create change has been enough to UNITE thousands and thousands of others. Individuals who have done more to drive change than some of the biggest and best-known institutions of our time.

Why aren’t we driving change at the level we need to? Is it because we are institutions? Is it because we are in the business of perpetuating our own existence? Is it because we create barriers for individual changemakers to engage with us?

We have never held a session like this one before. The Big Debate will actually be a debate – facilitated and super interactive – encouraging input from everyone in the room. The aim will be to move through discomfort to produce a tangible output to engage the public and drive change. And we want you to be part of it.


Gib Bulloch
Founder & CEO, Craigberoch
Amelia Parisian
Director of Programmes & Lead Facilitator, Craigberoch