The brave new world of videogames and live streamer fundraising: Are you engaging with online streamers or videogamers as a potential route for generating income? If not, why not?

The videogames industry is now worth $116 Billion, twice as much as music and movies combined. It’s interactive so the potential for meaningful engagement and storytelling is extremely rich. In fact, some of the most up and coming influencers have achieved their status because other people like watching them play videogames. It may not be your traditional demographic but that may be about to change.  


This Big Room Session will debunk the myths our sector has about working with the gaming industry and explain in detail who the key influencers are and their motivations. You’ll hear from Twitch, the world’s biggest videogame streaming platform and Tiltify the specialists in streamer fundraising and War Child UK, a charity that has built videogames and live streaming into their fundraising strategy. 


Aimed at: 

If you’re interested in: engaging gamers and content creators, GenZ’s, and Millenials; cutting-edge fundraising; community fundraising; corporate fundraising; comms and brand then this session is for you. 


Learning outcomes: 

1) A crash course in the videogaming ecosystem including – gamers, streamers, developers and platforms. 

2) How interactive entertainment can enhance a charitable call to action. 

3) Understanding the motivations, limitations and potential impact of streamers and online influencers. 

4) Real world examples of success, failure, learning and innovation. 


Alyssa Sweetman (USA)
Charity Program Manager, Twitch
Nick Scott (UK)
Head of Partnerships, War Child UK
Michael Wasserman (USA) 
CEO & Co-Founder, Tiltify