The Case for Support Playbook

The Case for Support Playbook: Using a flexible story format to engage donors in your Case for Support


About this session

The old-fashioned one-size-fits-all written printed Case for Support format is dead. It’s too inflexible and organisation or programme focussed. The =mc Playbook model is built on modular elements, based on neuroscience, that can be adapted to meet the needs of different donors – individuals, foundations and even corporates. It can also be adapted to different channels: From face to face solicitations to written foundation proposals, online Facebook posts and even Instagram. This session explores how to use powerful story-telling techniques based on the latest thinking in psychology and neurology to engage colleagues and donors. It also shows how to involve simple ‘props’ to create greater impact. It is based on work =mc has carried out with organisations worldwide – helping them explain complex ideas simply but powerfully. The session will explore how a story playbook is constructed from key elements:

  • HEROES – who is the star of your story
  • AIM – who is your Audience; what’s the Impact you want to have?; and how should you shape your Message? You’ll discover the four basic proposition structures and how to make your key ideas memorable using the
  • SUCCESS formula: Simple; Unexpected; Concrete; Credible; Emotional; Storified; and Simple -again.

This session is aimed at:

The workshop is suitable for anyone keen to translate their fundraising and campaigning messages to supporters, prospects and colleagues.

What you will learn

  • Understand how stories work on the brains and to engage supporter
  • Be able to shape stories in a range of media – speech, written, presentation, online etc.





Dana Segal
Senior Partner Consultant, =mc
Rob Shaw (Spain)
Fundraising & Management Consultant, =mc consulting