The culture club: How culture and personality affect your organisation and its people

What do culture and personality have to do with our ability to inspire donors, attract new people to our organisations, and keep and grow great teams? Everything.

Through this dynamic panel, we will look at how organisations are building and supporting amazing cultures while encouraging the personalities of individuals and the organisation to emerge. We believe the only way to attract and keep donors and staff is to have a clear personality in the marketplace – one that allows people to connect and align with your values and your messages. It’s our cultures that support that authenticity and allow us to do more – but at what cost? How are they sustained and invested in? Our panel will explore what culture and personality mean for their own organisations and how you can support building positive cultures in your teams and organisations that allow you to do more in the future. We will talk about barriers to building cultures and challenges around personality – as well as the amazing payoffs of both.

Learning outcomes

  • The power of culture on an organisation’s ability to raise money
  • How personality can affect organisations – on an individual level and for the organisation as a whole
  • Tools to bring back to your own organisation to build strong cultures and let their personality shine

Who should attend

  • Any senior leadership fundraiser who is interested in building a stronger culture and personality for their organisation
  • Any marketing or fundraising professional interested in how personality can drive fundraising

Session style

  • Large-room panel session
  • Attendees will be able to ask the panel questions about culture and personality


Stephen George (UK)
Fundraising & Leadership Coach and Consultant, Good Leaders
David Mbaziira (UK)
Culture and Communications Consultant, okusoka & Co
Tammy Zonker (USA)
Chief Philanthropy Officer, The Children's Center
Julie Verhaar (Switzerland)
Global Executive Leadership Advisor