Digital Fundraising 101: Building your digital “house”

Digging (or repairing) your digital foundation for highly effective, integrated fundraising led by digital

The drivers behind going digital have changed. Pre-pandemic, the increased digital transacting (consumer behaviour and donor giving) was trending up. The global pandemic – and the disruption to traditional channels that came with it – significantly accelerated this trend. Right now, it’s absolutely critical that charitable organisations are engaging their audiences through digital channels. Donors expect to be engaged via digital, and enough charitable organisations have increased their investment in fundraising via digital channels that the space is becoming increasingly competitive. The truth is, if you’re not digital-first, you’re falling behind. The good news is that, with the right first steps, building highly effective (and competitive) digital fundraising campaigns is completely achievable if you invest in the right foundational infrastructure and the right opportunities. Join Mo Waja, Fundraising Strategist & Digital Integration Specialist, and Tara Winter, Digital Marketing Manager, from the team at Blakely for a practical discussion on the foundational steps to build highly effective fundraising campaigns on digital channels. The session will cover the infrastructure you need to invest in, the knowledge resources you need to develop in your team, and how to ensure that you’re measuring what matters.

Aimed at

  • Smaller and entry-level charitable organisations that are looking to build their digital fundraising platform
  • Charitable organisations new to digital that need to build their digital fundraising foundation
  • Fundraising professionals at every level looking to advance their knowledge and understanding of the core factors involved in building a successful digital fundraising programme within their charitable organisations

Learning outcomes

  • Where to begin: building your fundraising platform by investing in the right digital infrastructure to set future campaigns up for success
  • Where to go next: Going from digital infrastructure to developing your first fundraising campaign from a place of knowledge, visibility, and insights
  • How to improve: Taking the insights from your first campaign and using them to develop an effective ongoing digital fundraising programme founded in audience insights



Mo Waja (Canada)
Fundraising Strategist & Digital Integration Specialist, Blakely
Tara Winter (Canada)
Manager, Digital Marketing, Blakely