The Fundraising Escape Room

Let’s play a game…

You’re a team of fundraisers who have been given a seemingly impossible task: raise €20,000 in the next hour. Not only that, but your CEO has locked you in your office! You and your fellow fundraisers will have to work together to raise the (make-believe) money and get out in the fastest time possible.

This “escape room” is a physical adventure game in which players work together to solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the objectives at hand. You’ll use logic, common sense and your existing knowledge while learning fundraising tips and tricks along the way. Yes…the worldwide Escape Room phenomenon has come to fundraising! Can you work together to beat the world’s only Fundraising Escape Room?

Pre-booking is recommended as spaces and timings are very limited! Individuals and groups should register for their chosen time slot on the form outside the room (see conference map for location).


Simon Scriver (Ireland)
Consultant and Trainer,
Beate Sørum
CEO, b.bold