The future of F2F

The future of F2F: What can we do together to improve and ensure quality of F2F as a channel?



About this session

This session from the F2F IFL group will be a deep dive into our response and actions during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. We will discuss the future of F2F and what we can do collaboratively to improve and ensure the quality of F2F as a fundraising channel. The session is best described by outlining the structure we will follow:

  1. Who is the F2F IFL group?
    • An introduction to who we are and what we do.
  1. What were our key outputs during the pandemic?
    • Global collective INGO approach towards maintaining F2F channel, retention of teams and safeguarding agency relationships
    • timeline and key events.
  1. Positive examples of this period
    • Flexibility and agility of channel and F2F staff
    • Collaboration on both international and national level
    • Sharing of best practices (TM, social media, etc.)
    • Innovation (mats, contactless payment methods).
  1. What will the future of F2F look like?
    • Focus on value vs volume; increase ROI and LTV
    • Increased focus on quality KPIs
    • Increased focus on shared responsibility of sustainability of channel- we all need to work together and adhere to quality standards for all to benefit
    • Better regulation in markets, including self-regulation where needed.
  1. The importance of cooperation
    • COVID-19 is here to stay, we need to include quality practices accommodating this (- such as innovative payment methods)
    • Increased need for more and better involvement, support and buy in to the channel from senior leadership
    • Focus on better inclusion of minority groups in leadership positions within F2F.

This session is aimed at:

  • Fundraising Directors
  • Heads of Individual Giving
  • F2F Fundraising Managers and Practitioners
  • Agency Managers and Directors.

What you will learn

  • Learn about the importance of, as well as how to achieve, successful collaboration and self-regulation
  • Explore what we mean by Value over Volume – why the long-term nature is so important in F2F and how to protect this
  • Learn about the innovations that this pandemic has forced (or allowed) us to implement and how they have impacted INGOs – for example diversification, new payment methods and social distancing techniques.





Elsbeth de Ridder (Spain)
Global F2F Specialist, Save the Children International
Bruno Da Silva Machado (Norway)
Head of Fundraising Mexico (interim) & Sponsor of International F2F Working Group, Medecins Sans Frontieres
Gill Marshall (UK)
Global F2F Fundraising Specialist, Amnesty International