The future of giving: Unlocking generosity with artificial intelligence

The future of giving: Unlocking generosity with artificial intelligence


About this session

As non-profits emerge from the shock of the pandemic and financial crisis, there is an opportunity to reinvent philanthropy for a new era of activism and giving. This is a moment to move away from transactional giving, churning through donors and asks, to a new model of making giving more relational, customised and engaging. Using Artificial Intelligence well is the key ingredient to scaling this approach. Based on research supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (, Allison Fine and Beth Kanter will outline the processes, products and promise for scaling AI for generosity during this session. We hope it is the beginning of a broader conversation in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors of what’s next for giving.

This session is aimed at:


What you will learn

  • Understand the possible future scenarios for giving post-COVID and how to future-proof your fundraising strategy
  • Gain a basic understanding of how artificial intelligence can leverage giving and what fundraisers need to know to harness it
  • An overview of the challenges and ways to overcome
  • Walkthrough a process for getting started with a strategic plan for using AI for fundraising.





Beth Kanter (USA)
Speaker, Author, Virtual Facilitator, and Trainer ,
Allison Fine (USA)
Founder/CEO, Network of Elected Women