The future of social engagement

Are you ready for it?

Influencers are the future of social engagement, the key to mobilising Gen Z, and the next horizon for NGOs around the world‚ but how do we even begin to reach, engage, and mobilise these powerful storytellers, and how can we collaborate with some of the world’s biggest influencers in exciting new ways?

This workshop will share tips, tricks, and best practice to help you get started in this exciting new communication channel. The session will be joined by big name influencers to give you hands-on experience in working with creators in a competitive global marketplace.

You’ll walk away informed, inspired, and empowered, ready to set up your own influencer programme and scale your digital fundraising in exciting new ways. You’ll have the numbers and the evidence you need to add influencers to your marketing mix, as well as a clear action plan to build lasting relationships that build your brand story for the future.

Who is it for?

Digital fundraising managers, innovation managers, fundraising directors, and other NGO leaders who are exploring new brand and performance channels. Partcipants may already have a thriving digital fundraising programme, but be looking for ways to invest an innovation budget to establish exciting, effective new channels on the cutting edge of the global sector.

Learning outcomes

  • Gain a broad understanding of influencer marketing as a channel, including dos and don’ts and how influencers fit into the marketing mix for your NGO
  • Get a clear, actionable plan to get started in influencer marketing, including strategic, creative, and tactical steps
  • Get hands-on experience in engaging with influencers in the global online creator marketplace


Joshua Leigh
Director and Digital Marketing Consultant, Hynt
Sara Chahrrour
Managing Partner & Director, Peopleperson