The incredible impact and ROI of P2P: Understanding the true power and potential of investing in community fundraising

Most likely, you already have a community of donors… but wouldn’t it be game-changing to have a community of people who participate in events and campaigns and fundraise on your behalf?  Or maybe you’ve been doing some crowdfunding… but what about crowdfundraising?

In this masterclass, we’ll take a deep dive into the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising and learn how to leverage your community’s personal networks to attract more supporters and raise more money for your cause. We’ll discuss the types of P2P and showcase some of the coolest, most successful P2P programmes from around the world. We’ll also explain the costs and benefits of investing in P2P and test your organisational readiness.

Bringing theory to life, the session will feature an in-depth case study from Pieta House, an Irish charity that, in its relatively short history, has developed one of the largest P2P fundraising events in the world. The Pieta House CEO will share successes, challenges and insights gained because the organisation chose to invest in P2P.

You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the power of P2P fundraising as well as an action plan for how to begin a P2P program that you’ll be excited to implement when you return to the office!

Learning outcomes

  • Overview of the types of P2P and the level of investment needed
  • Understanding the many benefits of P2P fundraising
  • Conducting an organisational readiness assessment
  • Creating a P2P action plan

Who should attend: Organisations that are not yet doing P2P fundraising, or those who might have tried P2P but have not had much success

Session style: A blend of teaching, sharing and some hand-on exercises


Jillian Stewart (Netherlands)
Founder & Senior Consultant, PeerWorks Consulting
Brian Higgins (Ireland)
CEO, Bloomfield Health Services