The magic of AI

Supercharge your organisation

AI is revolutionising the way we work. So, how do you harness the power of AI and use it to supercharge your teams instead of replacing them? How can we use it to amplify insights, connection, and impact?

This session will cover everything from simple AI tools you can launch in under 10 minutes (think content creation, presentations, admin, and social media) to more complex AI tools and strategies that will revolutionise how you work (predictive models, data strategy, finance, supporter insights, automation, avatars, systems design, digital transformation, and more). You’ll get a sneak peak into the AI tools and platforms still in beta testing that are set to transform our entire sector and join interactive discussions on the ethical issues around AI in social impact organisations.

Who is it for?

Anyone feeling left behind when it comes to the rapidly changing world of AI; anyone in the social impact sector looking for ways to maximise their resources and work smarter.

Learning outcomes

  • Discover tools that will save you time and resources
  • Transform how you and your team work
  • Learn to drive results you never thought possible


Kaz McGrath
Founder & CEO, PLAI