The music of ideas: How your team could play like an orchestra!

What we can learn about social change from Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or even Luis Fonzí and his hit “Despacito”? Which ideas behind classical music compositions might inspire your next big idea for your NGO? What is the secret of success in a symphony that you can apply in social change? How your team play like an orchestra?

In this dynamic session, Maestro Sergio Feferovich –  orchestra conductor and a musician on a mission – will share the secrets of creativity and leadership, providing inspiration for your programs. A presentation with piano and no powerpoints! After a short piano performance, Sergio will lead some exercises with the audience about making music together that will introduce the concepts of team working, leadership and creativity. Then be prepared for some interactive musical surprises as you put the concepts to that with percussion and wind instruments!

Learning outcomes

  • Learn new tips for leadership from outside of the traditional fundraising world
  • Acquire a new perspective to find the right contexts for your ideas
  • New information about music that could be useful in the daily routine

Who should attend: This workshop is aimed at anyone. There isn’t any type of restriction to attend. Non-musicians are specially welcomed!


Sergio Feferovich (Argentina)
Orchestra Conductor