Will Facebook Messenger be the next big digital acquisition channel?

Will Facebook Messenger be the next big digital acquisition channel?

How Greenpeace UK are using Facebook Messenger to acquire new donors



About this session

Digital messaging platforms are central to supporter’s lives. We use them daily to communicate with friends, family and even businesses but few charities use them. Hear how Greenpeace UK is leading the way in using Facebook Messenger to talk to and convert potential donors.

In this session Chris and Grainne will explain how the use of communication channels that are traditionally used in the sector, such as email and phone, no longer reflect the way people communicate with one another. And how traditional Facebook acquisition campaigns have quickly taken people away from the platform.

The case will be made for why Facebook Messenger should now be considered as part of any Facebook acquisition campaign.

You’ll learn how Greenpeace have embarked on a new direction by employing a team of face-to-face fundraisers to chat with potential supporters and how they’re being converted to donors in a totally new way.


Aimed at

  • Fundraisers with an interest in digital acquisition of regular givers


Learning outcomes

  • How to design acquisition funnels that include Facebook Messenger
  • How to effectively use Facebook ads to drive traffic to Messenger
  • Potential ways to convert donors within Messenger


About the speaker

Chris is a Facebook advertising expert and has worked with charities large and small across the world to supercharge their lead generation and fundraising through Facebook ads. As the Director of RAISETHRU, he runs a unique programme to help charities get breakthrough fundraising results with Facebook advertising. Working in both a group setting and one to one with charities they focus on designing sustainable acquisition funnels and producing high performance creative to attract leads and donors. Chris’ mission is for charities everywhere to have the knowledge and expertise to use Facebook advertising as a force for good.

Moving from the world of banking in 2009, Gráinne started her career in her home country Ireland, working at the agency Total Fundraising, managing a range of charity clients in channels such as Telefundraising, Face to Face and community fundraising platforms. Moving to London in 2012, she spent five years working at Amnesty International and now continues her work in campaigning organisations as Head of Supporter recruitment at Greenpeace, specialising in digital fundraising.




Chris Dellaca (UK)
Gráinne Callan (UK)
Head of Supporter Recruitment, Greenpeace