The power of art in digital activism

The power of art in digital activism: How art activism can transform digital campaigning and spark real world action


About this session

How can art change the world? One of the biggest challenges today is that we often feel detached from the problems of others and the big, global issues. We are all part of a global community, yet some find that hard to see. But art can change this. Art evokes emotion. And these emotions can spur thinking, engagement and most importantly – ACTION. Hanna has always advocated that to see real change, we have to envisage the world we know is possible, and art is one powerful tool to help us do just that. With the steady, simmering backdrop of the climate crisis and social unrest, there has never been a more apt time to respond more creatively, work more collaboratively, adapt more effectively and to embrace disruption. In this session Hanna will be taking you through the big cultural moments that harness the power of art to drive change. Hanna will also be sharing her creative approach that she and her team used for her most popular campaigns #SHEvotes and #ArtOfChange. People power works. Art activism works. Join the session and together let’s envisage and fight for the world we know is possible.

This session is aimed at:

  • Campaigners
  • Creatives
  • Fundraisers.

What you will learn

  • Inspiring examples of cultural moments that incorporate art and activism
  • Effective use of art activism for driving public engagement.





Hanna Henshall (UK)
Director & Co-Founder, If Not Now