The power of collaboration

The power of collaboration

Getting effective collaborations off the ground

In a time of global turmoil, Charities, NGOs, and social impact organisations are faced with the challenge of delivering more income and more impact with fewer resources. There is an appetite for collaboration across the sector, but we don’t see it manifest enough in reality. We know that most of the issues our charities exist to solve are too big for us to tackle on our own, so we need to better understand how to get collaborations off the ground, and, crucially, how to make them work effectively.

This interactive session will bring together peers from across the sector to explore applying different models of collaboration to some of society’s biggest challenges. Participants will apply learnings from the Good Lab, a collaboration of leading UK charities, industry experts, and experienced innovators, who worked together to design new ways for charities to fund their life-changing work with the ambition of creating £250m in new income for the sector.






Ryan Bromley
Partner, Good Innovation
Heather Ramsey (UK)
Innovation Director, Good Innovation