The power of storytelling

The power of storytelling

Leveraging the power of storytelling to create social change



About this session

Josh Talks was founded on the belief that stories have the power to change the world. The session will focus on Josh Talks’ mission to unlock human potential, the story behind its inception and how we are leveraging the power of storytelling to reach 45 million people every month.

The session will include key insights from the Co-Founder Supriya Paul on Josh Talks’ unique approach of telling stories, through relatable role models and vernacular languages in India. She will also share the tangible impact our channel has had and the change we are creating in society.

Supriya will also share the strategy behind crafting a good story and choosing the medium of dissemination to ensure it reaches a wider audience and can help individuals/organisations to achieve their objectives.


Aimed at

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Public speakers 
  • Students 
  • Storytellers 
  • Innovators 
  • Changemakers 
  • Any person who wants to create social change through storytelling. 


Learning outcomes

  • The importance of relatability in storytelling 
  • How to create social change through storytelling
  • How to craft a story that will actually work





Supriya Paul (India)
Director and Co-Founder, Josh Talks