The power of women-centric design

When gender neutral really means designed for men

Chances are, most of us are not only using products and services that overlook key needs of women, we are also creating them. Research shows that our current design methodologies are biased and that, under the guise of being genderless or gender-neutral, they continue to produce one-size-fits-men outcomes. Businesses around the world have failed to design and create impact for women.

This session is based on years of experience in women-centric behavioural design leading to the observation that projects across domain, culture, and geography often run into the similar unique barriers that specifically women face. Safe access, time poverty, and the non-linearity of women’s lives continues to go unacknowledged.

In this workshop, you will discover the core tools and themes of the women-centric design methodology and explore the foundational Women-Centric Eye framework that allows anyone to start evaluating the world’s experiences through a woman’s eyes. There are six non-negotiables that describe the consistently overlooked needs of women, and you will learn how practitioners can utilise these as lenses to create more holistic experiences. You will apply your new learnings in small groups through collaborative exercises, getting a chance to see the methodology in action.

Who is it for?

Product, service, programme, and research practitioners at foundations, nonprofits, and/or working in finance, healthcare, and technology. Especially suited to small or mid-sized startups in emerging markets, foundations or government entities that have an active gender lens or are interested in inclusive design, and large and/or established commercial organisations creating everyday products and services.

Learning outcomes

  • Leave with an increased understanding of how our current gender-neutral design methodologies overlook women
  • Get the tools to evaluate products, services, and experiences with a women-centric design lens and to frame design in  a tactile way
  • Find out how to design conversations, ideation sessions, and problem definition setting with women front and centre
  • Discover applicable key themes, insights, and design principles to ensure a women-centric design approach


Mansi Gupta
Founder and Women-Centric Designer, Unconform