The unrestricted case for support for high level donors

For organisational transformation, get out of your comfort zone

Raising money for what’s easy (which often means restricted funding) and what your organisation really needs (unrestricted funding) aren’t necessarily the same thing. Add to that mix the politics of a big global organisation, where parts of it may be independent and only loosely connected to the whole, and your income streams can be anything but strategic and mission-focused.

Funding available for our organisations and their missions is declining and competition for those funds is increasing. Getting the right sort of funding to enable organisational independence and efficiency has therefore never been more critical, particularly for organisations like Save the Children, where rapid response humanitarian operations are are central.

In this workshop, you’ll hear from fundraisers from the UK and Canada on how they have influenced a global movement away from restricted appeals to empowering fundraisers to make unrestricted asks for humanitarian response. Discover how previously unconnected teams from across the world were forged into a tight-knit community of fundraisers to unite around a highly strategic but challenging fundraising ask for Children’s Emergency Fund (CEF). And find out why the methodology behind this change was centred on creativity, inspiration, and FUN!

Who is it for?

Fundraising leaders of all disciplines who seek to drive better fundraising team performance and improve team morale and wellbeing; staff working in varied locations who want to build better connections and working relationships with colleagues; fundraisers who want to secure a greater percentage of unrestricted funding for their organisation.

Learning outcomes

  • Question and challenge assumptions about the culture of philanthropy and corporate fundraising and about what donors want
  • Learn to successfully challenge cynicism and negativity in your organisation, including at a senior level, to deliver objectives
  • Discover the power of fun and creativity in driving organisational change


Rebecca Davies
Head of International Humanitarian Fundraising, Save the Children International
Oli Gell
Head of Global Philanthropy Development, Save the Children International