The video content ecosystem: Exploring how to effectively approach video content strategy

Starting with an introduction to video content strategy and marketing, we’ll explore how charities can take an effective ‘audience-first’ approach to delivering relevant content throughout their journey –  from unaware passer-by right through to legacy giver. Along the way, we’ll watch and discuss films from charities of all sizes to help connect the theory to practice. We’ll end the session with three important takeaways that can help charities of any size focus and leverage video content in their organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • Practical advice for planning and delivering video content
  • Understanding how video content can bring long-term value
  • Awareness of how other charities in the region have benefited from a strategic approach to video

Who should attend: Great for both large and medium-sized charities, this event is for those interested in marketing and content production. So if you want to go beyond ‘how to make a good video’, and instead effectively harness its power in the long-term, this is for you!

Session style: Our session will begin with an introduction to video content strategy – and why it’s increasingly important to understand and implement common frameworks within charitable organisations. We’ll then screen a number of films to help connect this theory with real-life campaigns. We facilitate a lively debate around the perception and effectiveness of the content – and how this could be applied to our audiences. We’ll end the session with clear takeaways that will help guide the audience in future in order to leverage the power of video content.



Ryan Wilkins
Founder CEO, RAW Productions (UK)