From toddlers to trailblazers: Empowering youth to engage masses through fundraising events

It’s come time for organisations to recognize that the younger generation is more than just the future generation; it’s a responsible partner in our efforts to make the world a better place. We need to recognize the value of these young minds and channel their energy now instead of considering them only a future resource. We can do that by engaging them as supporters, ambassadors, volunteers and then finally turning them into donors – thus creating “new ecosystems for social good”. This workshop will help participants plan the journey for young members of society to take them from toddlers to trailblazers – the key to which is fundraising through charity events. By innovatively engaging youngsters in planning and executing of big events, we involve them early and get them invested in our cause.

This session will introduce case studies from the Asia Pacific region that became phenomenal means of funds generation. We’ll discuss how to sensitize youth and convert them into highly loyal donors and evangelists, and we’ll examine the value of events in light of both long-term investment and short-term financial gains.

Learning outcomes

  • Sensitizing youth and making them feel for your cause and creating a new ecosystem of change makers – a must for long-term success
  • Youth engagement and innovative fundraising events – an ideal combination
  • An overview of Asian fundraising markets in a contextual way
  • Massive fundraising events – a potential tool of fundraising and generating goodwill
  • The concept of youth philanthropy, its meaning and significance

Who should attend: Young professionals engaged directly or indirectly in fundraising, communication, business planning or CSR of any development-related cause.

Session style: A mix of inspirational real-time examples; emotional videos; lots of interesting, funny and heart-touching pictures; testimonials; and live chat with a resource. There will also be an engaging experience-sharing activity.


Sania Khan (Pakistan)
Fundraising Specialist, Happy H. Consulting