Transformative Fundraising for Social Impact

Integrating ESG concepts and the SDGs for collaborative corporate partnerships.

Embracing the ethos of ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles and the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), this session aims to reshape the traditional landscape of fundraising by envisioning corporations not merely as donors but as collaborative colleagues in crafting a better world.

Through the workshop, you will navigate the corporate mindset, unravelling how aligning fundraising efforts with corporate business objectives can yield profound social impact. By weaving together the threads of corporate interests, societal needs, and the ESG framework, you will explore innovative avenues for sustainable partnerships. Join us to gain insights into unlocking the potential of corporate contributions beyond philanthropy, transforming traditional transactions into strategic alliances for lasting change.

The session will empower you to transcend conventional practices, fostering a mindset shift where companies become active participants in the symphony of social progress. Through actionable strategies and real-world examples, unlock the transformative power of collaboration, encouraging a harmonious convergence of corporate and social interests, ultimately sculpting a brighter and more sustainable future. By integrating ESG concepts and leveraging the power of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), you will leave with actionable insights on how to forge meaningful collaborations that transcend the transactional, creating a harmonious symphony of corporate and social progress in the world.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to strategically align fundraising initiatives with the core objectives of corporate entities
  • Discover innovative ways to engage the corporate sector
  • Get equipped with practical strategies for moving from traditional fundraising approaches to transformative alliances


Inés Lambertini
Regional Fundraising Manager, TECHO US