Trends and opportunities for charity video

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Video as a marketing tool is constantly evolving, offering new opportunities and challenges for charities looking to harness its power. In this session, Ryan will highlight some of the key findings from Raw London’s latest Third Sector Video Report and discuss some of the key trends set to affect the sector. With an overview of ROI, planning and creative, you’ll walk away with a big picture view of how charities are using video – and advice on how to ensure you’re not left behind.


Aimed at:

Anyone already using, or interested in using, video within their organisation – especially brand, marketing, comms and fundraising professionals.


Learning outcomes:

Audiences expect content and so, there’s a lot of content out there. This has put extreme pressure on charities to keep up and continually publish quality content. But, how does the sector as a whole feel about video? Is your charity behind or ahead of the curve? What is considered a ‘normal’ quarterly or annual spend on content? Which wider trends are being effectively seized upon? To find out, we surveyed leading charities about how they plan, use and measure video content.


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Ryan Wilkins (UK)
Founder & CEO, Raw London