The shift from TV to digital

The shift from TV to digital

Digital acting as a new playground

The audience of traditional TV is in decline and is forecast to fall even further in the coming years.

Take the example of the Oscars: the 2021 television broadcast achieved just half the viewing figures it did in 2020, but much of that “lost” audience still watched the show, or at least part of it. Audiences today are consuming more and more content that would previously have been considered TV content via social media and on other online platforms at a time of their choosing. The new premium is about choice and control.

So, is TV dead?

Well, no. But the way audiences use it is changing – which is something our organisations must take into account to maximise our fundraising.

In this workshop, you will learn how TV and digital can work together to support your goals. For example, by using linear television to speak to different audiences using dedicated creative assets, optimising results in real time, and adding YouTube to your campaign to increase reach, address a complementary message, or show a longer version of your ad. Emerging technology can even allow you to display a banner ad with an additional message or call-to-action on the laptop of a viewer who watches your add on linear TV, CTV, and YouTube. During the session, you will explore examples of results from fundraising campaigns using these strategies.




Alice Fradin (France)
Senior account strategist, Orixa Fundraising