UK x USA digital benchmarking

Moving away from a US-centric perspective

In 2021 and 2023, M+R and Rally partnered to create the first-ever Benchmarks UK supplement: an in-depth report on data for fundraising, digital ads, email, social media, website, and mobile, specifically tailored for UK-based charities. Discussion of the digital space is often quite dominated by a US-centric perspective, but Benchmarks UK is designed to share insights based on the unique experience and results of UK organisations this past year.

In this session, you will discover similarities and differences between the US and UK when it comes to digital benchmarking; find out what is expected from this year’s study, including feedback-based changes; get a rundown of how to use the report to benchmark your own performance; and find out how to participate in next year’s version of the study.


Matt Derby
Partner, M+R
Theresa Bugeaud
Director of Data Analytics, M+R