UNHCR's path to $1 billion

UNHCR’s path to $1 billion

Accelerating change through digitisation to reach $1 billion by 2025

True change requires true collaboration, which can mean working across offices, regions, and even countries.

But when every office is bound to local rules and regulations, currencies, payment methods, and languages, how we view and use data is key to better leveraging investments, enhancing donor experience, and streamlining processes. Simplicity empowers smooth reporting, accessible metrics, and, ultimately, compliance & trust.

The first step to overcoming these hurdles is the common data model, which UNHCR is using to accelerate its impact across country borders.

This workshop will help you understand the power of data and demonstrate the imperative to change in the current environment. Participants will learn how standardised processes can ensure your investments are fully leveraged in an environment of accelerated digitisation and stretched budgets, and you will discover how a common data model will free up time currently spent on administration and reporting and open up access to skills and innovation across offices.




Elin Stråkendal (Sweden)
Deputy National Director, Sverige för UNHCR
Jane Trenaman (Ireland)
EMEA Nonprofit Advocacy & Fundraising Industry Advisor, Salesforce.org
Daniela Martino (UK)
Digital Fundraising Support for Europe at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency