Unifying your donor channels

Providing a seamless, unified, integrated, and donor-centric experience

Omni-channel mid-level fundraising is an approach wherein an organisation brings together all channels to provide a seamless experience for its high-value supporters – mid-level donors giving $500-$1,000+. The omni-channel approach helps us be better resource mobilisers and tells a more multi-dimensional story about our organisations. Using this approach to elevate mid-level giving is important because mid-level givers are typically loyal and committed and the surround sound effect is a proven way to elevate donor response rate, overall revenue, LTV, and average gift.

Who is it for?

Direct response & mid-level giving marketers, mid-level giving officers, fundraisers who are trying to start or elevate a mid-level giving programme, those responsible for or working in mass-marketing teams, and those working with multi-channel tools for direct response.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn how to set up an optimised and integrated omni-channel campaign
  • Get tips and tactics to elevate your direct response campaigns through different channels for mid-level donors
  • Discover how to measure the success of your omni-channel campaigns for mid-level donors
  • Find out how to layer these methods on top of existing campaigns and work that you already have in place


Ishmam Raidah Rahman
Associate Director, Mid-level Giving, International Rescue Committee
Diana Lee
Associate Vice President of Integrated Marketing, Faircom