AI trends & solutions for nonprofits

This session is presented in partnership with Microsoft and Fundraise Up

From empowering fundraisers to levelling up your donor experience, this workshop will get you up to speed on the latest AI trends, solutions, donor experiences, and actionable suggestions you can put into practice right away.

AI is a gamechanger for nonprofits. The technology has the potential to accelerate your mission outcomes and empower you to do more of what you love doing – connecting with people – while offloading rote tasks.

IFC 2023’s headline partners Microsoft and Fundraise Up are on the cutting edge of technology for fundraisers and nonprofits, with Microsoft is investing heavily in AI, seeking to learn from its nonprofit audience about their needs and challenges while offering resources to get them started on their AI journey, and Fundraise Up leading the nonprofit space by re-imagining the donor digital giving experience through a donor-first approach. Join the session and learn how employing for-profit grade technologies (like AI) and practices to earn donor love can maximise your fundraising ROI.

Who is it for?

Anyone curious to know how AI can improve their work and make their lives easier.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn about the current state of AI via key trends
  • Discover how AI tools are being implemented across the Microsoft suite of services
  • See how technology can impact donor trust – and the bottomline for your mission and its beneficiaries


Salvatore Salpietro
Chief Partnership Officer, Fundraise Up
Harald Becker
AI for Nonprofit Lead, Microsoft