Making unrestricted asks from high-value donors

Donations without borders

How can your ogranisation meet the challenges of the next decade if it is not granted the freedom to act – to transform society, humanity, and the world for the better? We know what needs to be done. Our partners know what needs to be done. But we can’t do what needs to be done if our hands are tied by restricted grants and donations.

Unrestricted income is the path to liberation and independence, allowing our organisations to be the best they can be. We need to move from a model of income growth to impact growth; more and more, this means we need unrestricted gifts.

This masterclass will be delivered using simulated donor dialogues, giving you effective examples of how to speak to your donors – and colleagues – about the case for unrestricted support. You’ll be taken out of your comfort zone, trying out objection-handling scripts and new donor approaches.

Having a conversation with a donor you think they’ll resist, or don’t want to have, isn’t easy. It is far more comfortable to conduct business as usual, bringing in earmarked and restricted gifts – but those aren’t what the world needs as much anymore. You need to be able to get out there and make your case with confidence and a sense of purpose. And successful pitching requires practice.

Learning outcomes

  1. Learn how to make a compelling case for unrestricted gifts, both with your donors and with your fundraising department
  2. Build your confidence and emerge with a tried-and-tested approach
  3. Develop your fundraising skills through incorporating role-play and simulating donor meetings in a safe space