Unscrambled tech: Getting moving with voice technology

From smart phones and smart speakers to tech worn on your arm and embedded in your car, we are becoming increasingly used to having voice interfaces all around us. But just how are consumers around the world actually making use of voice technology and what does this mean with regard to real opportunities for non-profits to use it in support of their social impact and fundraising activities?

In this session, Puff and Bryan will share research on how voice usage is evolving, highlight some of the key opportunities for non-profits, and offer tips and advice for anyone wishing to test voice applications themselves. They’ll also take a look at some of the best and worst Alexa Skills around and share lessons learned hands-on from the challenges and opportunities encountered through projects including adding voice to the very successful American Red Cross disaster app. 


Aimed at: 

Anyone keen to achieve a clearer understanding of voice technology and the related opportunities for non-profits, and particularly non-technical senior staff who feel they should understand more of this tech stuff but can never quite find the time.


Learning outcomes: 

  • A good understanding of the trends relating to voice technology
  • How this technology is being adopted by consumers and used by commercial and non-profit organisations
  • What makes-up some of the best and worse voice applications around 
  • Tips and advice for anyone wishing to test voice applications within their own organisations


Bryan Miller (UK)
Consultant & Owner, Strategy Refresh
Sophia (Puff) Story (USA)
Co-Founder, 3 Sided Cube