Unscrambled tech: Understanding artificial intelligence

With new applications being highlighted pretty well every week, artificial intelligence looks like it will be this year’s top tech buzzword, and it is attracting a lot of attention across the non-profit sector worldwide.

If you’re unsure quite where to start when thinking about AI and interested in just how it might be relevant to your organisation in the future, then come and spend a 90 minutes with Bryan and Puff as they unscramble this fascinating and fast developing area of tech. They’ll talk you through through just what AI is (and isn’t), examine ways it is being used in the commercial and non-profit sectors, and touch on the potential ethical and cause-related challenges it might represent for non-profits in the future. 


Aimed at: 

Anyone keen to achieve a clearer understanding of artificial intelligence and the related opportunities for non-profits, and particularly non-technical senior staff who feel they should understand more of this tech stuff but can never quite find the time. 


Learning outcomes: 

  • An understanding of what is meant by artificial intelligence and the wide range of ways it is already being used in everyday life
  • An understanding of the range of AI applications specifically relevant to non-profits – both in support of social impact and operational support activities 
  • Practical steps to further the understanding and application of artificial intelligence within your own organisation


Bryan Miller (UK)
Consultant & Owner, Strategy Refresh
Sophia (Puff) Story (USA)
Co-Founder, 3 Sided Cube