Using Chatbots to generate engagement – an accelerated path to fundraising

Using Chatbots to generate engagement – an accelerated path to fundraising: Exploring how the use of innovative platforms such as Chatbots can generate empathy and accelerate fundraising results



About this session

The workshop aims to explore how engagement promoted by the use of digital innovation can accelerate fundraising results. Natasha & Bruno will take the group on a journey from theory to practice. We have all understood that innovation is key to stand out in an ever-evolving and competitive fundraising landscape. But how do we actually do this? How do we innovate in our fundraising programmes? By featuring concrete Chatbot cases, learnings and results, we will share how organisations such as UNHCR Brazil and ActionAid have succeeded in doing so. Showcasing the example of a Chatbot, developed by UNHCR Brazil, we aim to illustrate how innovative platforms can help us generate empathy, and give supporters the opportunity to feel engaged and interact with the cause, prior to donating. Additional cases will be shared, including the Digital Race being tested by ActionAid Thailand, which combines engagement approaches with acquisition techniques, and a Chatbot developed by ActionAid Italy. We will make the case for:

  • Putting impact over brand
  • Investing in interactive platforms which give the supporter the opportunity to feel engaged prior to asking the supporter for a donation
  • Promoting engagement activities to complement fundraising campaigns.

This session is aimed at:

  • Broad audience, including non-profits, agencies and consultants
  • No previous knowledge about new technologies or Bots are needed
  • Aimed at audiences who are interested in how innovation can be used to accelerate engagement
  • This session is by no means restricted to audiences who have an interest in Bots, as the Bot case is used as an example to illustrate innovation.

What you will learn

We aim to build on these three complementary axes:

  • The value of generating interaction and engagement with supporters prior to asking for a donation
  • How digital innovation can be used to accelerate engagement
  • Concrete successful Chatbot cases and how they can be used to generate empathy with a cause (featuring a central case by UNHCR Brazil).





Natasha Alexander (Brazil)
National Head of Fundraising (Associate Private Sector Partnerships Associate), UNHCR
Bruno Farias Benjamim (Brazil)
Individual Giving Lead, ActionAid