The one-page strategy map

Plotting your strategic direction

This interactive workshop will offer you the chance to explore the most widely-used contemporary strategy framework for developing and delivering fundraising plans: the strategy map and balanced scorecard. Organisations who have used this approach include global agencies IFRC and UNICEF, national agencies MSF Switzerland, and many other organisations including Nelson Mandela University South Africa and SightSavers India.

This approach is popular since it:

  • Offers a flexible way to approach strategy, allowing organisations and teams to cope with the unexpected, but plot a focused course
  • Ensures your strategy is simple enough for all stakeholders to understand and engage with, but robust enough to ensure deep thought
  • Links strategy with operational steps to ensure that big ideas can be turned into practical action with associated success/failure measured

The session will follow a seven key steps approach to help you develop your own maps.

Who is it for?

Anyone responsible for developing fundraising plans or strategies who is keen to learn more and apply a focused, systematic approach to develop new approaches,including CEOs with involvement in fundraising, fundraising directors, and managers overseeing a function or team.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the advantages (and disadvantages) of the strategy map approach
  • Appreciate how to apply the approach to your fundraising
  • Learn to cascade the approach down to specific teams


Bernard Ross
Director, =mc consulting