What does being a changemaker really mean?

Are you a fundraiser? Or a changemaker? How accurately does your job description describe what you do? Is it narrow? Or does it propel you into the stratosphere of possibility? Using the human spectrogram model at the outset of the session, the panel will challenge you to describe yourself in terms of your work, then again at the end to see how your perception has changed. In between, speakers will engage in conversation around the way the world is changing, how the social impact sector is evolving around that change, and how your work and the way you do it are changing as well. This open-fishbowl format also will allow for audience questions and participation.

Format: Fishbowl

Fishbowls help facilitate discussion in large groups by situating three to six people in the centre of the room to carry on a discussion, while other participants listen in from the side lines. They can be closed, with the discussion exclusive to the selected participants, or open, where one of more of the chairs is available for members of the audience to take a seat and comment or ask questions. Fishbowls can also include human spectrograms, which is a cool and visual way to discern useful information about groups.