What is the biggest challenge you face in your daily work? (And how can we help you overcome it?)

One of the coolest things about IFC – and there are many – is that at any session or dinner table or cocktail hour, you could be sitting amid fundraisers with 100 years of experience in the social impact sector between them. Or you could be sitting next to that one person who knows exactly what challenges you face in your daily work and how to overcome them. This session is designed to help you tap into the collective knowledge of your fellow participants. You’ll have time to present your biggest work challenge to the members of your small group who will hash it out with you and offer solutions based on their own practical experience. And you get to do the same for them! (Plus, you get to write on the tablecloth!)

Format: Solution room

The Solution Room is designed to provide peer-supported advice on individuals’ most pressing problems. Each participant is invited to think of a challenge they’re facing, then participants are divided into groups of six to eight. Each person presents their problem and has it brainstormed by the group in seven-minute cycles. Groups share round tables with paper cloths that they can write on.