Don't let it happen, make it happen: Engineering the future you want

How foresight can help you remain truly ahead of the curve



About this session

Overnight, the pandemic forced us to make changes to the way we work and laid bare how woefully unprepared the world was for a deeply transformative societal event. But is it even possible to prepare for once-in-a-lifetime events like this? What about preparing for a host of different futures and innovations (regardless of your inability to actually predict the future!)? Foresight, or futures thinking, gives us this ability, allowing us not only to see popular digital trends that everyone already has their eye on but to scan the fringes for groundbreaking innovation that has yet to hit the mainstream. In this fascinating keynote session, Krizna Gomez will explain how foresight can move you from adapting to what comes to actively engineering the future you want and ground us in the importance of seeing the bigger picture.

Aimed at:

  • Leaders and their staff
  • Comms and advocacy teams
  • Strategists
  • Consultants
  • Funders

Learning outcomes

  • How foresight works and what benefits to expect from making it part of your strategy process
  • What you need to start practicing foresight, from making small changes in things from the way you think to what you read
  • How to gain more support from funders by clearly illustrating the future you envision
  • How to be confident through changes you previously thought were difficult to prepare for




Krizna Gomez (Phillipines)
Foresight and Impact Strategist