What's next for digital mobilisation?

Transform how you think about fundraising.

Digital mobilisation can help us build a powerful movement for change and the model us evolving to adapt to a changing digital landscape. In this workshop, you will learn what it is and what it can do for you, and you will explore case studies that show tangible results.

If more organisations adopt a digital mobilisation model, more powerful and sustainable movements can be built. The model can help charities develop meaningful relationships at scale and create a more rewarding experience for the individuals that fund those charities – placing value on their time, money, and voice.

How the model is implemented is being challenged by a shifting digital landscape, particularly in digital advertising. We want this session to bring new people on board to mobilisation but also help those already doing it to tackle these challenges in creative and effective ways.

This is about collaboration and unity of best practice and tactics for maximum impact.

Who is it for?

Anyone who is curious about digital mobilisation but who have yet to get started, as well as those already those who are implementing the model but need support to tackle challenges in creative and effective ways.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn what digital mobilisation is and how it can help you achieve your goals
  • Explore the case studies and benchmarks that can help you make a case for investment
  • Gain an understanding of new tools and tactics that can enrich your mobilisation programme


Berry Cochrane
Chief Executive Officer, Forward Action
Gráinne Callan
Head of Supporter Recruitment (Digital and Direct Marketing), Greenpeace