Where your major donors live: How to boost direct mail, middle donors, and major donors

Your speedy guide to middle donor giving.


Imagine: up to half your next major campaign income is raised BEFORE you even launch it. 

Middle-value donors: the most neglected wonderful supporters. 

Not enough time for major donor fundraisers to work with them … and not enough project time for the DM people to do anything but a bigger pack? 

Fiona McPhee will show you exactly how to form a simple ask for some of those lovely ‘above average’ donors to give you more than ever before. It feels like cheating, but it isn’t. With no complex case for support needed, you’ll save time. You’ll get the largest gifts ever from a handful of mid-value donors, and be able to count on a big wedge of donations before your next big DM campaign. 


Aimed at:

Great for direct, mid-value, and digital fundraisers and great for major donor fundraisers too! 


Learning outcomes :

You’ll identify who your middle-value donors are, which to ask, how to ask, when to ask, and how to boost your next major campaign with that ask. 


Fiona (Fi) McPhee (New Zealand)
Director, Fiona McPhee Ltd