Who is the Asian Donor?

Who is “the Asian donor”. Is there even such a thing as “the Asian donor”? The workshop will explore what we know about donors in Asia – based on research, our own experience and that of workshop delegates. Do some approaches work better in one country than another? We’ll also discuss donor motivation and what might make a donor give (or not give) to your organisation regardless of nationality. Delegates will take away a more nuanced understanding of the questions they can ask themselves to help develop their own major donor programmes based on market maturity, understanding the Asian way of giving, the differences between charity and philanthropic giving, and how they may want to adapt the typical major donor cultivation model to fit their own cultural context.

Learning outcomes: In this interactive workshop, attendees will be encouraged to discuss their experiences and lessons learned in their work with donors, in their own cultural context. Through learning more about how donors behave in different cultural contexts, they will understand that it’s possible to adapt major donor fundraising best practices to fit their own culture. They will take away knowledge of the cycle of giving and cultivation and learn how to grow their local high value donor base.

Who should attend: Senior fundraisers, directors, major donor specialists, board members
Session style: PPT/Prezi using Canva with audience participation including a Q&A session. Attendees will participate in a detailed discussion on what characteristics define an Asian donor, whether their giving behaviour is different to their western counterparts, and how they can develop local models of major donor giving suited to the economic and cultural influences


Anna Crago (Thailand)
Regional Partnerships Specialist, UNICEF
Rupali Babu (India)
Head of Major Donors, Amnesty India