Women and Legacies

Tapping into uncharted potential.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research estimates that 60% of wealth in the UK will be held by women by 2025. To varying degrees, this trend is being reflected all over the world, yet few nonprofits are adapting their fundraising strategies to tap into this potential.

Though legacies represent a huge philanthropic opportunity for nonprofits, many are leaving money on the table by failing to properly engage with their female donors. The key is understanding how women make decisions and knowing when the right time is to engage in a legacy conversation.

No matter the size of your organisation, this masterclass will support you to explore this untapped potential and help you adapt your current legacy plan to better engage with your female donors and to increase your pipeline and income.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the potential of engaging with female donors
  • Get clarity on how women make legacy decisions differently and on key considerations to engagement
  • Learn how to use demographics and psychographics to identify prospects and develop solid strategies and marketing materials